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Mississauga Home Staging Tips Give Sellers a Buyer’s Perspective


Mississauga Home Staging Tips

Preparing a house for sale takes work. Homeowners will look to complete renovation projects and hire a professional cleaning team once a decision to sell is made. Staging has become an important part of the selling process. Often tackled as a do-it-yourself project, staging a house for sale takes a lot of finesse. A great REALTOR®will tell you staging a home is all in the fine details. The Mississauga real estate market is a competitive one, as homeowners look to relocate within commuting reach of Toronto. For sellers in Mississauga, home staging tips provided by experts in the field guarantee success on the market!


It’s a good idea for sellers to think of staging a home less like presenting a house and more like merchandising a retail store. When you walk into a store, everything is visually presented in a way that connects with the customer and entices them to buy. But first, what gets you inside the store to check out the merchandise? A clean and organized lot and entrance way are key housekeeping items. The same mindset can be had when staging a home. For the market in Mississauga, home staging tips will help the buyer understand what is required for presenting their home effectively to entice a buyer inside. Think of introducing a home the way you would want to meet a new person – with a great first impression! That first glance is what can give a buyer that "aha!” moment, beckoning them to come inside the home with a well-landscaped and clean exterior.


Create Great "Curb Appeal”

Check out these tips for straightening up around the outside of the house:

  • Scan the perimeter – just as clutter inside the house is a deterrent, clutter around the outside of the house has the same negative impact.
  • Throw out the trash – get rid of any bags of garbage or debris that litters the lawn.
  • Keep it orderly – make sure any toys or bicycles are neatly stored away for an organized look.
  • Exterior projects – stand back and take a look at the outside of your house. Windows and trim can be washed, exterior paint touch-ups completed, and make those minor repairs you may have been putting off!
  • Landscaping– create an inviting entrance way that calls people in. Trim the trees and prune the shrubs. Remove any dead leaves or branches that add disarray to the garden.

 Cut Out the Clutter

When looking at the inside of the house, these little details will showcase your home’s benefits. Creating an open and inviting space allows the buyer to visualize their potential in the house – instead of seeing what the seller made of theirs.

  • Cluttered front entry – this continues the great first impression you made with the exterior of the house. Re-arranging the closet will create a more organized space, and be a welcomed invitation to the rest of the home.
  • Keep the counters clean – ensure that all small appliances are put away and the counter space is completely open.
  • Bookshelves– should be neat and organized. Simplified, smaller pieces look better when grouped with similar items.
  • Make the bed – a simple concept it would seem, however obviously important to home staging. Tighten the sheets and fluff the pillows for a cozy feel.
  • Minimize the walls – don’t clutter the walls with too many family photos. Again, the buyer wants to visualize their family in the home and not yours. Blank walls, although boring to live with, get the buyer focusing on the features of the room’s function and not the kid’s birthday parties.

Sellers Need to Think Like Buyers

For those living in Mississauga there are many online home staging tips homeowners can reference. However, great REALTORS®, like those working with the JN Asensio team, can offer great advice on how to stage your home without investing too much money you just won’t recoup. A best practice for sellers is to think like a buyer. Take a step back and examine your house as you would if you were buying it.


Take a good look - what deficiencies stick out to you? Look at the state of the deck and fencing. How healthy do the boards look? Perhaps it’s time to do a quick re-stain of the deck. Check out the health of the lawn and gardens. Examine the health of the siding and roofing. Pay attention to the details.


Often times a buyer "can’t put their finger on it,” but for some reason, don’t like what they see. Partnering with a great sales team can offer you, the homeowner, that outside perspective and experience in home staging.  This will prove invaluable when it comes to your homes curb appeal which will secure the best offer and closing of the deal.